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10 Shocking statistics about employee engagement – Infographic

Nowadays, the attention paid by companies to # Employee Engagement is increasing, and it is seen as an important factor in organizational performance. The following infographic collates studies and statistics related to employee engagement offered by organizations such as Gallup or Gartner.

Positive aspects of the presented infographic:

  • Clear distinctions are made between thematic blocks. The different statistics regarding employee engagement are presented on different, alternative backgrounds, a recommended practice for structuring information;
  • The most important aspect, in this case the statistics, are highlighted. This creates an eye-catching design and supports information interpretation;
  • The infographic includes a wide list of references. This is recommended both in terms of copyright and in order to offer the interested viewers a database of resources for studying the topic presented more thoroughly.

Recommendations for the presented infographic:

  • The layout is not very well adapted to the audience – practitioners interested in boosting employee engagement. Using a professional layout could have a more significant impact on them;
  • It is recommended for infographics to comprise various ways to visualize the data. Therefore, using graphics or proportions would make data easier to absorb.

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