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Working with initiatives in Performance Management – Check and Act vs. Study and Act

Saturday, June 12th, 2010 Performance Architect update 23/2010

In one of my previous updates I reviewed the history of the Deming cycle and its relevance for Performance Management. One of the most important benefits of managing performance in organizations is that it facilitates a structured process of improving the achieved results, which is the essence of performance.

Improvement doesn’t automatically derive from measurement. A robust process of analysis and decision making is required to facilitate suitable actions or initiatives. And to illustrate this process, Study as in the PDSA cycle is more meaningful than the Check as in the PDCA cycle.

The Performance Management case study presented the scenario of a non-profit organization interested in addressing childhood development issues. Some of the measures used were:

  • % Incidents of anemia
  • # Average scores on language and communication skills for toddlers
  • # Average scores for vocabulary tests


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